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The stories: entertaining, intrgiuing, and sometimes stomach-turning.  The host: hopefully at least a step or two above mediocre.  The goal: to entertain you, and maybe make you laugh and cringe at the same time.   Would the be a “linge” or a “craugh”?    Check out the latest episodes below!   To take a peek at the entire back catalog, click the ARCHIVES link in the menu bar above.

Poisonous Snake Rentals

Woman soiled herself during a marathon Man eaten by piranhas while escaping a swarm of bees German castrater on trial Kid injects himself with mercury to turn into Wolverine Man lives with mobile phone in his stomach 10 weird overseas menu items from American fast food chains Elementary teacher arrested after student picks marijuana from...

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Centipede Bites Hurt

This episode pretty much has it all – unintentional cannibalism, stupid criminals, plasic surgery gone wrong, and an attack with hot grits! Where else could you possibly get a mix of stories like this? Check out the NWB Youtube channel HERE to see video short takes. Think single news stories that are maybe about 2...

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Snack Attack – Morocco

Join me as I try and review several snacks – both savory and sweet – from the country of Morocco! I received my first monthly subscription box from http://www.snackcrate.com and it was great! Are you from Morocco? Have you tried any of these snacks? Let me know! snackcrate #snack #snacks #snackunboxing #snackbox #snacktime #snacksoftheworld #worldsnacks...

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Rhino Head on Street Corner

Well, here we are back again with more news from the seedy underbelly of this rock that we all live on. Sure, there are stories about defecation, hammer attacks (not the rapper), and racists, but there are bright spots on the horizon… I hope… I continue to hope that my schedule will open up to...

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Icelandic Whale Beer

Yes, that title reflects an actual “thing”… Just wait until you hear what the Stedji Brewery in Iceland puts in to their Whale Beer, and how they actually make it! On a side note, if anybody has any connections in Iceland and they can send me a sample bottle, let me know! With all of...

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