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The stories: entertaining, intrgiuing, and sometimes stomach-turning.  The host: hopefully at least a step or two above mediocre.  The goal: to entertain you, and maybe make you laugh and cringe at the same time.   Would the be a “linge” or a “craugh”?    Check out the latest episodes below!   To take a peek at the entire back catalog, click the ARCHIVES link in the menu bar above.

Icelandic Whale Beer

Yes, that title reflects an actual “thing”… Just wait until you hear what the Stedji Brewery in Iceland puts in to their Whale Beer, and how they actually make it! On a side note, if anybody has any connections in Iceland and they can send me a sample bottle, let me know! With all of...

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Ground Beef Battery

Another round up of oddities for your enjoyment… The highlight…errr…lowlight is no doubt the PETA performance – check below for the youtube video. And the next time you’re at the store, be sure to pick up one of those comically large logs of gound beef. You know, for home defense and all. As always, thanks...

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Bake Like an Egyptian

So here I am back again with another collection of oddities. While there are a fewer number of stories this episode, a couple of them are longer than usual, so it all evens out in the end. First off, when you think about it, things really have to be bad for a criminal to call...

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Lettuce Meltdown

So here we are…  and where have we been?   Well, I cannot use COVID nor the recent crazy political climate we have experienced here in the States as excuses.  This one is on me.   My day job has kept be extraordinarily busy, to the point that I was working quite a few evenings to get...

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Almond Milk is not Milk

Well, yet another episode with a story or two that kind of left me speechless… and one that caused my physical discomfort. By the story titles, can you guess which one? And this begs the question… if you volunteer for something or seek it out, can you later really be called a victim? I recorded...

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