Rhino Head on Street Corner

Well, here we are back again with more news from the seedy underbelly of this rock that we all live on. Sure, there are stories about defecation, hammer attacks (not the rapper), and racists, but there are bright spots on the horizon… I hope…

I continue to hope that my schedule will open up to the point that I can start publishing new episodes more frequently than every 4-6 weeks – my fingers are crossed! I also hope to start trying out some video shorts, and maybe start using a snack source that I have found for some international snack reviews!

Here is what you have to look forward to this episode:

  • United Airlines Says No to Duct Tape
  • Defendant’s Defecation Becomes a Focus
  • Couple Arrested For Mutual Pasta Battery
  • Man Cuts Off Part and Throws It Out of Car
  • Sending Biohazardous Material Through The Mail
  • Ohio Woman Beats Another Woman With Hammer
  • Rhino Head Found on Street Corner
  • Naked Woman Spews Racist Insults
  • Chipotle Gun Slinger
  • Naked Driver Takes Toll On Collectors
  • Pipe Bombs for a Cause

Please let me know what you think of this episode!

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